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Why trust me with your child?

Dana Broughton, MPT

“Although pain is an inevitable part of life, radical acceptance involves moving away from emotional reactions and helplessness toward calm and logical thought. While you may not be able to change the facts of a situation, you can choose how you view it—and how you’ll respond.”

As a mom, I know that every child is completely unique—and we all want our children to achieve their individual potential. So, when I initially assess a patient, I’m learning that child’s personality, comfort level, preferences, and motivations. From that foundation, I determine the why behind the problem (sensory component, trunk restrictions, tone abnormalities, muscle weakness, etc.). Next, the parents and I make a plan of action. We’ll collaborate to set expectations and determine goals for the child, and then start the interventions to reach these milestones.


Along with radical acceptance, it takes radical courage to push beyond self-limiting boundaries (a child’s and our own) and work outside the comfort zone. But this is where goals are achieved. After 22 years in the field of pediatric physical therapy, my threefold purpose is simple: treat the individual child, educate and empower the parents, and reach outcomes that are important to the family unit…and do it all with empathy and compassion.

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