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Wellness starts at birth

Beginning with newborns, a preventative, holistic approach plays a positive role in child development. Early intervention and torticollis physical therapy near Raleigh, NC is available.

Partnering for Success

Working together, we’ll go beyond treating a symptom and get to the root of the issue—defining success and setting specific goals.


United Cerebral Palsy is advocating for cerebral palsy screening by 3 months of age, as 1/500 children have CP and 60% were full term and healthy.

Wellness programs are seen as vital to big—and small—businesses. They recognize that when people live healthy lives, their medical issues decrease…and the company’s healthcare expenses are better controlled. Doctors (should) take the same preventative approach. Because pediatricians approach their littlest patients from a systemic perspective (versus developmental), they may inadvertently dismiss the developmental concerns of new parents. A PT, because of their unique viewpoint and spending more time with the child, is more likely to identify developmental issues at earlier stages.

Even when it may be clear to a PT that a child has a development issue—cerebral palsy, for instance—pediatricians do not typically make an official (therefore, treatable) diagnosis until age two or three. But this child is missing out on important treatment that could make a significant developmental impact. And even if a child is not ultimately diagnosed, the early intervention will not be harmful but can play a positive role in development.

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Other examples are torticollis and plagiocephaly. Research shows that other diagnoses are commonly associated with torticollis including reflux, hip dysplasia, tongue tie, and lip tie. By identifying common dual diagnoses and educating parents and therapists, we can better serve the little babies we love so much.

I believe in a holistic wellness approach with each child. As a parent, you may see something you’re concerned about but don’t know who to ask for help. Ask me! Together we’ll go beyond treating a symptom (e.g., not pulling to stand) and get to the root of the issue.

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Partnering for Success

As a practicing PT in North Carolina, I’m also offering wellness services* across the country. These sessions are for parents, healthcare providers, and students.